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Giving back can take on many different forms; our company strives to do our part in helping out the community, and not just in Florida. Each year we donate thousands of bottles of juice to various programs across the country to help those in need. After attending trade shows and community events, we donate the remaining product we have to food pantries, soup kitchens, and organizations that help feed the homeless and less fortunate nationwide. We don’t stop there though, we also donate product to Feed the Children each year, and to organizations that assist kids’ better nutrition.

RAAW™ participates in numerous events, shows, festivals, and community gatherings annually. Each time we visit your community, we try to make sure we do our part to help out. We travel with all of our show supplies and displays; taking them to each location with us. This helps eliminate the need to purchase additional equipment in every city and aids in reducing our carbon footprint. We also rent items that we cannot travel with and opt for more energy efficient ways of keeping our juices ice cold for everyone at these events. In conjunction with reducing our waste and reusing our gear, we make sure to recycle too! We always sample out our juices in compost friendly paper cups, recycle out PET #1 plastic bottles, and take our PP #5 plastic caps back to Miami to be properly recycled (unless number five plastic recycling is readily available, of course). Cutting down our waste output is only the beginning. We have partnered up with the folks at Green Festival and we actively work towards a greener community with them. Festival-goers gain valuable insight on the steps that they can take to properly recycle, compost, or reuse a variety of things.

Raw Foods International, LLC has also sponsored and supported the American Heart Association at various events. These events help raise awareness on their efforts to reduce death by heart disease and stroke, and help share knowledge about cardiovascular health. Similarly, we work with the Cooper River Bridge Run each year to increase interest in cardiovascular exercise, raise funds for public education on the importance of exercise, and invigorate community involvement and volunteerism; overall promoting a happy, healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s donating our time or some of our deliciously natural juices, or sharing ideas and information, we always aim to do our part for our community and yours!

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